Touring information

Touring information

Where am i?

- 4th/7th Cardiff
- 8th Coventry
- 10th/11th London
- 14th/17th Cheltenham

In call
30 minutes £80/100 Euro
45 minutes £120/150 Euro
1 hour £150/200 Euro

Out call
1 hour £180/250 Euro
2 hours £250/380 Euro

Please email/call for longer dates.

I frequently tour the following places, so please look out for upcoming touring dates in the following areas. Liverpool Escorts, Chester Escorts, Devon Escorts, Dorset Escorts, Oxfordshire Escorts, Hertfordshire Escorts, Isle of Man Escorts, Channel Island Escorts, Jersey Escorts, Guernsey Escorts, Scottish Escorts, Wales Escorts, Bershire Escorts, York Escorts, Cheltenham Escorst, Southampton Escorts, Watford Escorts, Windsor Escorts, Norfolk Escorts & Suffolk Escorts